Custom Plastic Cutting Boards: What You Need to Know

What kind of cutting boards do we make?

AllPoints Custom specializes in custom plastic and custom richlite cutting boards, commonly used in commercial kitchens, but also great for residential use! Our custom plastic cutting boards are made of "Poly", short for polyethylene - a durable plastic that won't chip, crack, or warp when cared for correctly. Custom poly cutting boards are in the majority of commercial kitchens and help prevent cross contamination and serve as cooking tools that make clean up as easy and quick as possible.

How do I properly care for my custom poly cutting board?

Poly boards are also extremely easy to wash and dishwasher safe. Poly is also great because they won't dull your knives and special texture on each board makes these slip safe when prepping different foods. After each use, it is best to clean your board with dish soap, hot water and a clean scrub brush or sponge, or make things easy and run it through the dishwasher to kill any bacteria that may be hanging around.

It is extremely important to purchase new boards once yours become scratched to avoid bacteria growing within the small cuts on the board. Many will say that you can resurface poly cutting boards to attempt to smooth out scratches, but this will create many small scratches and cuts within the board where bacteria can grow. When it comes to the health of your customers and yourself, it is important to replace these boards rather than take the chance of contaminating your food.

What are my options when creating my custom plastic cutting board?

We have several edge/corner combinations to choose from when creating your custom board to provide you with enough options to find what suits your needs. Below are the the style combinations available to choose from when creating your custom board:

Standard Edge/Standard Corner

Straight edges and straight corners. Looks like most standard cutting boards.

Standard Edge/Rounded Corner

Rounded corners are nice for cutting boards that are handled multiple times a day and moved around. No more poking shins and hips. Great for commercial kitchens.

Rounded Edge/Standard Corner

Rounded edges are great if the board is a bit larger than the countertop. The board can stick out and rub against the body, so rounded edges can relieve the sharpness.

Rounded Edge/Rounded Corner

This is the real deal. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, rounded edges and corners provide the most comfort for those who use cutting boards frequently. Easy to handle, and no pokes!

We also offer saw cut but this is less common. If you need this finishing style, please contact customer support.