Custom Santoprene Gaskets: What You Need to Know

What sets a santoprene gasket apart from the rest?

Santoprene gaskets are longer lasting and more durable than our standard PVC gaskets. Santoprene is a combination of plastic and rubber, giving it the benefits of both materials. To be more specific, santoprene is made of thermoplastic elastomer vulcanized rubber particles dispersed throughout a heat-formable plastic base. Santoprene gaskets can withstand temperatures ranging from -50° to 275° degrees fahrenheit (compared to -20° to 150° degrees fahrenheit for PVC gaskets).

How to build your custom gasket:

  • Choose the gasket profile that matches your current gasket or the gasket you need. See our profile guide below or download our Gasket Profile Guide under “Documents”

  • Input the dimensions you need - short side, long side and number of sides. If your gasket is 3 sided we’ll need to know the orientation (2 long sides or 2 short sides). Measure your existing gasket from outside edge to outside edge to the nearest ⅛ inch.

  • Provide your name and phone number in the specified box in case we need to contact you with any questions regarding your custom gasket.

  • Enter your desired quantity and add to cart! You’ll be redirected to your AllPoints shopping cart and if logged in, you’ll see your price.

How to Measure Outside Edge to Outside Edge

All Measurements are noted as outside edge to outside edge dimensions. Please follow the instructions below to properly measure your gasket:

Take a look at the gasket currently on the door and match the style up to one of the gasket profiles.

Using a tape measure, measure the outside edge of the gasket that is currently on the door. If the gasket seems to be stretched or warped a bit, don't worry as long as you are within 1/8 inch, the replacement gasket should install properly.

Most refrigeration door gaskets are 4 sided, but when you are working with large walk in cooler doors, you will find many of those are 3 sided gaskets with no bottom. if the gasket is NOT 4 sided, then you will need to specify which sides you would like us to include. Typically on 3 sided gaskets the bottom is a door sweep.

How to Measure if the Gasket is Torn or Missing

Follow these instructions on how to measure if the original gasket is torn or missing.

Option #1

Locate the model and serial number of your equipment. Usually they are located on a data plate similar to the one above. Give us a call and we will help locate the correct profile.

Option #2

Using a tape measure, measure from the center of the dart track to the center of the opposite dart track that is on the door.

When placing your order, note that the dimensions are dart to dart and we will convert your measurements to outside edge dimensions.