Custom Richlite Cutting Boards: What You Need to Know

What is a richlite cutting board?

Richlite is a paper-based composite material made using resin. It is highly durable and heat-proof up to 350 degrees. Regardless of what type of food you prepare, every kitchen needs richlite cutting boards. Our richlite boards come in two colors - brown and black. Choose from several different thicknesses seen on our product page. 

What are the benefits of a custom richlite cutting board?

Not only is richlite heat resistant up to 350 degrees, but it is also extremely knife resistant meaning that it won't scar easily. It is also warp free and won't get damaged when exposed to heat. Our richlite is also NSF and FDA certified as well and certified for use with commercial restaurants and food service establishments.

How to properly care for your richlite cutting board:

DO: Clean your richlite cutting boards in the dishwasher.

One of the best parts about richlite is that is can be cleaned in the dishwasher, providing an efficient way to safely and fully clean your cutting boards before using them in a commercial kitchen.

DON'T:Clean your richlite cutting board with bleach.

Bleach and any other abrasive cleaning agents possess chemical that are too strong for richlite material and will dull the surface of your perfectly good cutting board. To keep your rihclite boards lasting as long as possible, avoid bleach!

DO: Use warm soapy water on tough stains.

When your richlite cutting board has a stain that just won't seem to go away, we recommend using warm soapy water. While this is perfectly safe for your richlite board, we only recommend hand-washing with soap because direct contact and scrubbing using soap can dull the surface.

DON'T: Use rough materials to scrub your board.

If you choose to clean your richlite cutting board by hand, always use the soft side of the sponge or a simple dish cloth. The use of abrasive cleaning tools will cause scratches in the surface over time that could otherwise be avoided.