Custom Santoprene Gasket

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Custom Santoprene Gasket

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Our OEM-equivalent santoprene gaskets are longer lasting and more durable than our standard PVC gaskets.  Santoprene gaskets can withstand temperatures ranging from -50° to 275° degrees fahrenheit (compared to -20° to 150° degrees fahrenheit for PVC gaskets). 

How to build your custom gasket:

  1. Choose the gasket profile that matches your current gasket or the gasket you need. See our profile guide below or download our Gasket Profile Guide.

  2. Input the dimensions you need - short side, long side and number of sides.  If your gasket is 3 sided we’ll need to know the orientation (2 long sides or 2 short sides). Measure your existing gasket from outside edge to outside edge to the nearest ⅛ inch. See more about measuring your gaskets here

  3. Provide your name and phone number in the specified box in case we need to contact you with any questions regarding your custom gasket. 

  4. Enter your desired quantity and add to cart! You’ll be redirected to your AllPoints shopping cart and if logged in, you’ll see your price.

Custom Order Guide

  • Short Side + Short Side Fraction = Total Short Side Dimensions

  • Long Side + Long Side Fraction = Total Long Side Dimension