Custom Richlite Cutting Board

Custom Richlite Cutting Board

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Our OEM-equivalent custom richlite boards can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees, making them a necessity in any industrial kitchen. Our richlite boards are sustainably made from resin-infused paper. Richlite’s color comes from a combination of the custom craft paper and amber tone of the resin used to create each board. Our custom richlite boards are extremely durable and will prevent your knives from becoming dull.

Scratch resistant, sanitary, stain resistant, and most importantly heat resistant. These richlite cutting boards are appropriate for all areas within any kitchen. Richlite boards last up to 3x the length of a standard poly (plastic) cutting board. They are NSF, FDA, USDA and approved by the Canada Dept. of Agriculture.

Custom Order Guide

  • Short Side + Short Side Fraction = Total Short Side Dimensions

  • Long Side + Long Side Fraction = Total Long Side Dimension

Edge Style

  • Standard - Most popular option, safe to handle, square finished edge
  • Bullnose (rounded) - Edges rounded to a 1/2" radius

  • Unfinished (saw cut) - Common on custom applications, square but not finished edges

Corner Style

  • Standard - Most popular option, safe to handle, square finished corner

  • Rounded - Corners rounded to 1/2" radius

  • Unfinished (saw cut) - No finishing, sharp corner